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30Wh Genuine Dell Latitude 13 7000 271J9 YX81V Series Battery

Property: Genuine battery Voltage: 11.1V Battery capacity:  31Wh Color: Black..

312-1424 6FNTV 7HRJW XX1D1 60Wh Battery for Dell Latitude 6430u Ultrabook

Property: Replacement Battery Voltage: 11.1V Battery capacity:  60Wh Color: Black..

60W 7FF1K FRR0G OEM Original Battery for Dell Latitude E6120 E6220 E6230 E6430S

Battery Type: Li-ion Property: Replacement battery Voltage: 11.1 V Battery capacity:  60Wh..

68wh 7.6 V Dell LATITUDE 5490 E5590 DV9NT KCM82 GJKNX laptop battery

Battery Condition: Brand newBattery Type: Li-ionVoltage: 7.6VCapacity: 68WhWarranty: 12 months long&..

9 Cell M5Y0X 97Wh Genuine Battery For Dell Latitude E6420 E6430 E6520 E6530 E5520 NHXVW

Battery Condition: Brand new,100% original manufacturerBattery Type: Li-ionVoltage: 11.1VCapacity: 9..

Dell 3DDDG Latitude 15 5580 3520 5490 E5580 E5280 E5480 Battery

Capacity: 3500mAh (42Wh)Voltage:11.4VBattery Type: Li-ionColor:BlackCondition:100% Brand New(1 years..

Dell 4GVMP Precision 3540 LATITUDE 5400 Latitude 5500 Battery

Battery Type: Li-ion, Property: Replacement battery, Voltage: 7.6V , Battery capacity:  8500mAh..

Dell 93FTF Latitude E5280 5280 E5480 E5580 51Wh laptop battery

Type: Li-Polymer, Voltage:  11.4V, capacity: 51Wh, Color: Black, Condition: 100% New, Warranty:..

Dell C91J0 C91JO G91J0 Latitude 3420 3520 Replacement Battery

Type: Li-ion, Voltage: 11.25V, capacity: 3640mAh (41Wh), Color: Black, Condition: 100% New, Warranty..

Dell K5XWW Latitude 12 5289 7390 2-in-1 Laptop Battery

Battery Type: Li-ion, Property: original battery, Voltage: 7.6V , Battery capacity:  60Wh, Colo..

DELL Latitude 12 7000 7280 7480 DJ1J0 PGFX4 42Wh Laptop Battery

Property: Genuine Voltage:11.4V Battery capacity:  42Wh Color: Black..

Dell Latitude 13 7350 Keyboard Dock TM9HP FRVYX 20Wh Built-in Battery

Type: Li-ion, Voltage: 7.4V , capacity: 20Wh, Color: Black, Condition: 100% New, Warranty: 12 ..

DELL Latitude 13 7370 0WV7CG 34Wh WY7CG XCNR3 Battery

Type: Li-ionVoltage: 7.6VCapacity: 34WhColor: Black..

Dell VHR5P Latitude 11 5179 5175 Tablet 7.6V 35Wh Battery

Type: Li-Polymer, Voltage:  7.6V, capacity: 35Wh, Color: Black, Condition: 100% New, Warranty: ..

Genuine Dell Latitude E7270 E7470 J60J5 MC34Y laptop battery

Type: Li-ionVoltage: 7.6VCapacity: 55WhColor: Black..
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