Hp HSTNN-UB7B 7.7V 41Wh Battery

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42Wh 01AV401 SB10J78998 Genuine Battery for Lenovo ThinkPad S2 13 Chromebook

Hp HSTNN-UB7B 7.7V 41Wh Battery

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Product Code: HSTNN-UB7B
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Genuine Original Hp HSTNN-UB7B 7.7V 41Wh Battery

Property: Genuine battery
Voltage: 7.7V
Battery capacity:  41Wh
Color: Black

Compatible Part Numbers: HSTNN-UB7B
Fit Models: BP02XL Pavilion 15-aw004ng Notebook, Pavilion 15-AU034TX, Pavilion 15-AU035TX, Pavilion 15-AU037TX, Pavilion 15-AU038TX, Pavilion 15-AU040TX, Pavilion 15-AU041TX, Pavilion 15-AU095TX, Pavilion 15-AU096TX, Pavilion 15-AU097TX, Pavilion 15-AU099TX, Pavilion 15-AU144TX, Pavilion 15-AU145TX, Pavilion 15-AU146TX, Pavilion 15-AU147TX, Pavilion 15-AU148TX, Pavilion 15-AU149TX, Pavilion 15-AU150TX, Pavilion 15-AU151TX, Pavilion 15-AU153TX, Pavilion 15-AU154TX, Pavilion 15-AU155TX, Pavilion 15-AU156TX, Pavilion 15-AU157TX, Pavilion 15-AU158TX, Pavilion 15-AU160TX, Pavilion 15-AU163TX, Pavilion 15-AU164TX, Pavilion 15-AU165TX, Pavilion 15-AU178TX, Pavilion 15-au000, Pavilion 15-au004ng, Pavilion 15-au010ng, Pavilion 15-au011ng, Pavilion 15-au013ng, Pavilion 15-au014ng, Pavilion 15-au025ng, Pavilion 15-au030nr, Pavilion 15-au046ng, Pavilion 15-au057CL, Pavilion 15-au100, Pavilion 15-au103ng, Pavilion 15-au105ng, Pavilion 15-au106ng, Pavilion 15-au107ng, Pavilion 15-au108ng, Pavilion 15-au109ng, Pavilion 15-au111ng, Pavilion 15-au113ng, Pavilion 15-au136ng, Pavilion 15-au137ng, Pavilion 15-au145ng, Pavilion 15-au146ng, Pavilion 15-aw000, Pavilion 15-aw004, Pavilion 15-aw004at, Pavilion 15-aw004ng, Pavilion 15-aw004nt, Pavilion 15-aw006ng

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