AP12A3i Replacement Battery For Acer Aspire M3-481 M3-581T Ultrabook Laptop

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AP12F3J Replacement Battery For Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook Series laptop

AP12A3i Replacement Battery For Acer Aspire M3-481 M3-581T Ultrabook Laptop

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AP12A3i Replacement Battery For Acer Aspire M3-481 M3-581T Ultrabook Laptop

Type: Li-ion, Voltage: 11.1V, capacity: 4850mAh 54Wh, Color: Black, Condition: 100% New, Warranty: 12 months
Compatible Part Numbers:  AP12A31, AP12A3i, AP12A41, AP12A4i, BT.00304.011, KT.00303.002

Fit Models: Acer Aspire M3-481, Aspire M3-481 Ultrabook, Aspire M3-481-323c4G50Mass, Aspire M3-481-53314G50Mass, ASPIRE M3-481G, ASPIRE M3-580, ASPIRE M3-580G, ASPIRE M3-581G, ASPIRE M3-581G-52464G52MNKK, ASPIRE M3-581PT, ASPIRE M3-581PT-33214G34MAKK, ASPIRE M3-581PTG, Aspire M3-581T, Aspire M3-581T-32364G34Mnkk, ASPIRE M3-581T-32364G52MNKK, Aspire M3-581T-32366G52Makk, ASPIRE M3-581T-323A4G34MNKK, ASPIRE M3-581T-323A4G52MAKK, ASPIRE M3-581T-52464G52MNKK, Aspire M3-581T-6618, ASPIRE M3-581T-7376G25MNKK, Aspire M3-581TG, Aspire M3-581TG-52464G52Mnk, Aspire M3-581TG-52466G52Mnkk, Aspire M3-581TG-7376G25Mnkk, ASPIRE M5-481G, ASPIRE M5-481G E, ASPIRE M5-481G-53314G52MASS, ASPIRE M5-481PT, Aspire M5-481PT-6414, Aspire M5-481PT-6488, Aspire M5-481PT-6819, ASPIRE M5-481PTG, ASPIRE M5-481PTG-53314G12MASS, ASPIRE M5-481PTG-53314G52MASS, ASPIRE M5-481PTG-53316G52MASS, ASPIRE M5-481T, ASPIRE M5-481T-323A4062MASS, ASPIRE M5-481T-323A4G52MASS, ASPIRE M5-481T-33224G52MASS, ASPIRE M5-481T-53334G52MASS, ASPIRE M5-481T-6642, ASPIRE M5-481T-6670, ASPIRE M5-481T-6694, ASPIRE M5-481T-6820, ASPIRE M5-481TG, ASPIRE M5-481TG-53314G12MAS, ASPIRE M5-481TG-53314G12MASS, ASPIRE M5-481TG-53314G52MAS, ASPIRE M5-481TG-53314G52MASS, ASPIRE M5-481TG-6814, ASPIRE M5-481TG-73514G25MAS, ASPIRE M5-581G, Aspire M5-581T, Aspire M5-581T-53316G52Mass, Aspire M5-581T-6024, Aspire M5-581T-6405, Aspire M5-581T-6446, Aspire M5-581T-6807, Aspire M5-581TG, Aspire M5-581TG-53314G25MASS, Aspire M5-581TG-53314G52Mass, Aspire M5-581TG-53316G12MASS, Aspire M5-581TG-53316G52, Aspire M5-581TG-53316G52MASS, Aspire M5-581TG-53334G52MASS, Aspire M5-581TG-53336G52MASS, Aspire M5-581TG-6666, Aspire M5-581TG-73516G25Mass, Aspire M5-581TG-9825, Aspire M5-582PT, ASPIRE TIMELINE U M3-581TG-72634G25MNKK, ASPIRE TIMELINE U M5-481, ASPIRE TIMELINE U M5-481TG-6814, ASPIRE TIMELINE U M5-581, Aspire Timeline Ultra M3, Aspire Timeline Ultra M3-481, Aspire Timeline Ultra M3-481T, Aspire Timeline Ultra M3-481TG, Aspire Timeline Ultra M3-581, Aspire Timeline Ultra M3-581T, Aspire Timeline Ultra M3-581TG, Aspire Timeline ULTRA M5, Aspire Timeline Ultra M5-481, Aspire Timeline Ultra M5-481T, Aspire Timeline Ultra M5-481TG, Aspire Timeline Ultra M5-581, Aspire Timeline Ultra M5-581T, Aspire Timeline Ultra M5-581TG, Iconia Tab W700, Iconia Tab W700P, Iconia W700, Iconia W700-53314G06as, ICONIA W700P, M3-581TG-52464G52Mnkk, M3-581TG-72634G25Mnkk, TRAVELMATE P645-M, TRAVELMATE P645-MG, TRAVELMATE P645-S, TRAVELMATE P645-S-51CH, TRAVELMATE P645-S-51NZ, TRAVELMATE P645-S-5233, TRAVELMATE P645-S-529N, TRAVELMATE P645-S-530D, TRAVELMATE P645-S-54WD, TRAVELMATE P645-S-5505, TRAVELMATE P645-S-55QX, TRAVELMATE P645-S-58HK, TRAVELMATE P645-S-70XF, TRAVELMATE P645-SG SERIE, TRAVELMATE P645-SG-57RL, TRAVELMATE P645-SG-709F, TRAVELMATE P645-SG-70ZZ, TRAVELMATE P645-SG-71FV, TRAVELMATE P645-SG-72ZZ, TRAVELMATE P645-SG-73ZC3, TRAVELMATE P645-SG-7564, TRAVELMATE P645-SG-75BB, TRAVELMATE P645-V, TravelMate 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The lifespan of a L16C4PB3 battery will vary considerably with how it is used, how it is maintained and charged, temperature, and other factors.

1 * AP12A3i Replacement Battery For Acer Aspire M3-481 M3-581T Ultrabook Laptop

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We accept PayPal only,so please be sure if you or the one you know can pay via PayPal before bidding.

Shipping policy:
1.We can ship Acer Battery to France, United State, Australia, Germany, Canada, Ireland, Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Portugal, Norway, Belarus, Singapore, Thailand.
2. The Acer Battery delivery time is about 6-9 business days to France and other Europe countries, 7-12 business days to Australia and USA, 10-15 business days to other countries, exact delivery time depends on postal process(The packet may be will delay for several days in busy season, please wait for it patiently).

Return policy & Feedback:
1.Acer Battery can be returned if it is misrepresented or it is flawed,please send back the Acer Battery with original packing to us within 30 days for an exchange or a refund.
2.We provide 12 months long warranty. (Attention: If your Acer Battery sent back for repair, refund or replacement, we don't bare the shipping that your part cost.)
3.As a responsible seller, we will try our best to solve every problem. Please communicate with us before you are going to leave us a neutral / negative feedback.

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