C31N1339 50Wh Genuine ASUS ZenBook UX303LN TP300L Q302L UX303UB 0B200-9300000

C22N1626 7.7V 46Wh Battery for Asus Chromebook Flip C213 Flip C213NA
C31N1704 52Wh Battery for Asus ZenBook Flip 15 UX561UD Q535U laptop

C31N1339 50Wh Genuine ASUS ZenBook UX303LN TP300L Q302L UX303UB 0B200-9300000

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Product Code: C31N1339
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C31N1339 50Wh Genuine ASUS ZenBook UX303LN TP300L Q302L UX303UB 0B200-9300000

Battery Condition: Brand new
Battery Type: Li-ion
Voltage:  11.31V
Capacity:  50Wh
Warranty: 12 months long
Replace Part Number:

0B200-9300000M, C31N1339

Suitable for the following devices:

Fit for Asus:
UX303LA-R5065H, UX303LN-R4141H, TP300LA-1B, ZenBook UX303UB, TP300LA-DW044H, UX303LA-R5166H, Asus ux303l, UX303LA-RO340H, Transformer Book Flip TP300LJ-DW013H, ASUS TP300LD-DW002H, ux303l, UX303LA-RO467H, UX303LA-R5076H, UX303LA-R5105H, UX303LA-C4164H, UX303UA-1B, TP300LD-1A, Transformer Book Flip TP300LA, UX303LN-DQ112H, TP300LD-4048H, UX303LA-R5098H, UX303LA-R4286T, Zenbook U303LA, TP300UA, UX303LN-C4147H, UX303LA, UX303LA-R5095P, UX303LA-R0267H, UX303LB-1A, Asus TP300L, UX303LN-DQ109H, Transformer Book Flip TP300LJ, TP300LA_C-1A, UX303UB-8A, Asus ZenBook UX303LN Series, UX303LA-R5081H, UX303LN-R4108H, TP300LA-DW035H, Asus ZenBook UX303L Series, UX303LN-1A, U303LN, UX303LN4510, UX303LA-C4167H, UX303LA-R5160H, TP300LA-C4025H, TP300LJ-1A, TP300LA-DW007H, U303LB5200, UX303UA-R4154T, UX303UB-R4044T, UX303UA-DH51T, UX303LB-R4060H, TP300LA-C4032H, TP300UA-1B, Asus ZenBook UX303LA Series, UX303LN-R4139H, ZenBook UX303LN Series, U303LA5005, TP300LD, UX303LA-C4172H, UX303LA-R0476H, UX303LN-C4123P, UX303LA-RO476P, TP300LA, TP300LA-1A, UX303LB-R4079H, UX303LB-R4152D, UX303LA-R5093H, UX303LN-R4359H, Asus Q302L, UX303LA-R0476P, UX303LN-DQ198H, UX303LB-R4080P, UX303UA-1A, TP300LA-DW033H, Transformer Book Flip TP300LJ-C4040T, TP300LD-C4031H, UX303UB-1A, Asus ZenBook UX303 Series, UX303LB-R4060T, Transformer Book Flip TP300LJ-C4056T, UX303LA-RO262P, UX303LA-8A, TP300LJ, UX303LB-8A, UX303LN-DQ162H, U303LA4030, TP300LA-DW060H, TP300UA-1A, UX303LN, UX303LA-C4089H, UX303LN-8A, UX303LA-C4145H, UX303UA, UX303LA-C4157H, UX303LA-R5088H, UX303UA-1C, Transformer Book Flip TP300LJ-DW019H, ZenBook UX303L Series, Transformer Book Flip TP300LD, U303L, Transformer Book Flip Q302L, U303LA5500, UX303UB-1B, UX303UA-8A, UX303LA-R4342H, U303LN5010, UX303LA-RO476H, UX303UA-R4051T, UX303LA-RO341H, UX303LA_C-1A, TP300LA-C4034H, U303LN4210, UX303UB-R4021T, UX303LB, U303LN5200, UX303UB-R4100T, UX303LN-R4199H, UX303LA-R4165H, asus-zenbook-ux303l, UX303UB-1C, Transformer Book Flip TP300L, UX303LA-R5094H, UX303LN-DQ044H, UX303LN-R4142H, TP300LD-C4030H, Transformer Book Flip TP300LJ-DS71T-CA, TP300, UX303UA-R4039D, TP300LA-C4023H, UX303LN-R4290P, Zenbook U303LN, TP300L, UX303LN-C4175H, UX303LA-R5096H, UX303LA-1A, UX303LA-R5097H, UX303LB-R4061H, UX303UB-R4111T, UX303UB, U303LA, U303, U303LB, ZenBook UX303LA Series, UX303LB-R4061T

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