MO06 HSTNN-LB3P 6 Cell Battery For HP Pavilion DV4-5000 DV4-5099 672412-001

ML03XL 813999-1C1 HSTNN-IB7D Genuine Battery for HP Spectre x2 12-A001DX 814060-850
MSI BTY-M47 GS43VR 6RE GS40-6QE GS43VR GS43 GS40 Laptop Battery

MO06 HSTNN-LB3P 6 Cell Battery For HP Pavilion DV4-5000 DV4-5099 672412-001

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Product Code: MO06
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MO06 HSTNN-LB3P 6 Cell Battery For HP Pavilion DV4-5000 DV4-5099 672412-001

Battery Type: Li-ion
Property: Replacement battery
Voltage: 11.1V
Battery capacity:  5200mAh 6 Cell
Color: Black

Fit Models: DV6-7002TX, DV6T-7000, DV6T-8000, DV7T-7000, ENVY dv4-5b00, ENVY dv4-5200 CTO, ENVY dv4-5201tu, ENVY dv4-5201tx, ENVY dv4-5202tu, ENVY dv4-5202tx, ENVY dv4-5203tx, ENVY dv4-5205tx, ENVY dv4-5206tx, ENVY dv4-5208tx, ENVY dv4-5209tx, ENVY dv4-5211tx, ENVY dv4-5213cl, ENVY dv4-5215tx, ENVY dv4-5216et, ENVY dv4-5217tx, ENVY dv4-5218et, ENVY dv4-5220us, ENVY dv4-5260nr, ENVY dv4-5266la, ENVY dv4-5306TX, ENVY dv4t-5200 CTO, ENVY dv6-7200 CTO, ENVY dv6-7200ea, ENVY dv6-7200ei, ENVY dv6-7200ej, ENVY dv6-7200eo, ENVY dv6-7200et, ENVY dv6-7200sa, ENVY dv6-7200sl, ENVY dv6-7200st, ENVY dv6-7201ax, ENVY dv6-7201eg, ENVY dv6-7201tu, ENVY dv6-7201tx, ENVY dv6-7202ax, ENVY dv6-7202ee, ENVY dv6-7202eg, ENVY dv6-7202se, ENVY dv6-7202ss, ENVY dv6-7202tx, ENVY dv6-7203ax, ENVY dv6-7203es, ENVY dv6-7203ss, ENVY dv6-7203tu, ENVY dv6-7203tx, ENVY dv6-7204ax, ENVY dv6-7204ee, ENVY dv6-7204se, ENVY dv6-7204tu, ENVY dv6-7204tx, ENVY dv6-7205ax, ENVY dv6-7205ee, ENVY dv6-7205se, ENVY dv6-7206tx, ENVY dv6-7207tx, ENVY dv6-7208tx, ENVY dv6-7210ei, ENVY dv6-7210tx, ENVY dv6-7210us, ENVY dv6-7211nr, ENVY dv6-7211tx, ENVY dv6-7212tx, ENVY dv6-7213nr, ENVY dv6-7213tx, ENVY dv6-7214nr, ENVY dv6-7214tx, ENVY dv6-7215nr, ENVY dv6-7215tx, ENVY dv6-7216tx, ENVY dv6-7217tx, ENVY dv6-7218nr, ENVY dv6-7218tx, ENVY dv6-7219tx, ENVY dv6-7220tx, ENVY dv6-7220us, ENVY dv6-7221nr, ENVY dv6-7221tx, ENVY dv6-7222nr, ENVY dv6-7222tx, ENVY dv6-7223nr, ENVY dv6-7226nr, ENVY dv6-7227nr, ENVY dv6-7227sa, ENVY dv6-7228nr, ENVY dv6-7229nr, ENVY dv6-7229wm, ENVY dv6-7234nr, ENVY dv6-7240sg, ENVY dv6-7245us, ENVY dv6-7246us, ENVY dv6-7247cl, ENVY dv6-7250ca, ENVY dv6-7250eb, ENVY dv6-7250ec, ENVY dv6-7250er, ENVY dv6-7250sb, ENVY dv6-7250sr, ENVY dv6-7251eo, ENVY dv6-7251er, ENVY dv6-7252eo, ENVY dv6-7252er, ENVY dv6-7252sr, ENVY dv6-7254eo, ENVY dv6-7258nr, ENVY dv6-7260er, ENVY dv6-7260he, ENVY dv6-7261er, ENVY dv6-7262er, ENVY dv6-7263er, ENVY dv6-7264er, ENVY dv6-7267cl, ENVY dv6-7267ez, ENVY dv6-7270sp, ENVY dv6-7273ca, ENVY dv6-7275ez, ENVY dv6-7276ez, ENVY dv6-7280eb, ENVY dv6-7280ef, ENVY dv6-7280ez, ENVY dv6-7280la, ENVY dv6-7280sf, ENVY dv6-7280sl, ENVY dv6-7280sp, ENVY dv6-7290ef, ENVY dv6-7290ex, ENVY dv6-7290sf, ENVY dv6-7291sf, ENVY dv6-7292nr, ENVY dv6-7295ex, ENVY dv6-7299sf, ENVY dv6t-7200, ENVY dv6z-7200 CTO, ENVY dv7t-7200, ENVY m6-1100 series, ENVY m6-1100er, ENVY m6-1100ex, ENVY m6-1100sr, ENVY m6-1101ek, ENVY m6-1101er, ENVY m6-1101sg, ENVY m6-1101so, ENVY m6-1101sr, ENVY m6-1101tx, ENVY m6-1102eia, ENVY m6-1102eo, ENVY m6-1102er, ENVY m6-1102sa, ENVY m6-1102so, ENVY m6-1102sr, ENVY m6-1102tx, ENVY m6-1103ee, ENVY m6-1103eo, ENVY m6-1103er, ENVY m6-1103es, ENVY m6-1103se, ENVY m6-1103so, ENVY m6-1103sr, ENVY m6-1103ss, ENVY m6-1103tx, ENVY m6-1104ee, ENVY m6-1104eia, ENVY m6-1104eo, ENVY m6-1104er, ENVY m6-1104es, ENVY m6-1104se, ENVY m6-1104sr, ENVY m6-1104ss, ENVY m6-1104tx, ENVY m6-1105dx, ENVY m6-1105ec, ENVY m6-1105eo, ENVY m6-1105er, ENVY m6-1105so, ENVY m6-1105tx, ENVY m6-1106er, ENVY m6-1106tx, ENVY m6-1107er, ENVY m6-1107tx, ENVY m6-1108ss, ENVY m6-1108tx, ENVY m6-1110ei, ENVY m6-1110ew, ENVY m6-1110sw, ENVY m6-1110tx, ENVY m6-1111tx, ENVY m6-1112tx, ENVY m6-1113tx, ENVY m6-1114tx, ENVY m6-1115tx, ENVY m6-1116tx, ENVY m6-1117tx, ENVY m6-1118tx, ENVY m6-1119tx, ENVY m6-1120ew, ENVY m6-1120sw, ENVY m6-1120tx, ENVY m6-1125dx, ENVY m6-1125eb, ENVY m6-1125sb, ENVY m6-1130eb, ENVY m6-1130sb, ENVY m6-1140ec, ENVY m6-1140sg, ENVY m6-1148ca, ENVY m6-1150eb, ENVY m6-1150er, ENVY m6-1150sa, ENVY m6-1150sb, ENVY m6-1150ss, ENVY m6-1151eo, ENVY m6-1151er, ENVY m6-1151sa, ENVY m6-1151so, ENVY m6-1151sr, ENVY m6-1152er, ENVY m6-1153er, ENVY m6-1153sr, ENVY m6-1154eo, ENVY m6-1154er, ENVY m6-1154ez, ENVY m6-1154sa, ENVY m6-1154sp, ENVY m6-1154sr, ENVY m6-1155eo, ENVY m6-1156ez, ENVY m6-1158ca, ENVY m6-1160ee, ENVY m6-1160et, ENVY m6-1160la, ENVY m6-1160se, ENVY m6-1160sf, ENVY m6-1161ee, ENVY m6-1161se, ENVY m6-1161sf, ENVY m6-1162la, ENVY m6-1162sf, ENVY m6-1164ca, ENVY m6-1164sf, ENVY m6-1170ef, ENVY m6-1170sf, ENVY m6-1170sp, ENVY m6-1173sf, ENVY m6-1178ea, ENVY m6-1178sa, ENVY m6-1182eg, ENVY m6-1183eg, ENVY m6-1184ca, ENVY m6-1188ca, M6-1035dx, M6-1042SO, M6-1045DX, M6-1048CA, M6-1125dx, PAVILION DV4-5000, PAVILION DV4-5001TU, PAVILION DV4-5002TX, PAVILION DV4-5003TX, PAVILION DV4-5004TX, PAVILION DV4-5005TX, PAVILION DV4-5006TX, PAVILION DV4-5007TU, PAVILION DV4-5008TX, PAVILION DV4-5009TX, PAVILION DV4-5010TX, PAVILION DV4-5011TX, PAVILION DV4-5012TX, PAVILION DV4-5014TX, PAVILION DV4-5015TX, PAVILION DV4-5016TX, PAVILION DV4-5018TX, PAVILION DV4-5019TX, PAVILION DV4-5020TX, PAVILION DV4-5021TX, PAVILION DV4-5060LA, PAVILION DV4-5099, PAVILION DV4-5101TX, PAVILION DV4-5106TX, PAVILION DV6-7000, PAVILION DV6-7000EE, PAVILION DV6-7000EJ, PAVILION DV6-7000EM, PAVILION DV6-7000SE, PAVILION DV6-7000SQ, PAVILION DV6-7000SY, PAVILION DV6-7001AX, PAVILION DV6-7001EM, PAVILION DV6-7001EV, PAVILION DV6-7001TU, PAVILION DV6-7001TX, PAVILION DV6-7002AX, PAVILION DV6-7002ED, PAVILION DV6-7002EV, PAVILION DV6-7002SM, PAVILION DV6-7002SS, PAVILION DV6-7002ST, PAVILION DV6-7002TU, PAVILION DV6-7002TX, PAVILION DV6-7003AX, PAVILION DV6-7003EM, PAVILION DV6-7003ET, PAVILION DV6-7003SM, PAVILION DV6-7003SP, PAVILION DV6-7003SQ, PAVILION DV6-7003SS, PAVILION DV6-7003TU, PAVILION DV6-7003TX, PAVILION DV6-7003XX, PAVILION DV6-7004ES, PAVILION DV6-7004SS, PAVILION DV6-7004TX, PAVILION DV6-7005EP, PAVILION DV6-7005SP, PAVILION DV6-7005TX, PAVILION DV6-7006ED, PAVILION DV6-7007TX, PAVILION DV6-7008TX, PAVILION DV6-7009SS, PAVILION DV6-7009TX, PAVILION DV6-7010EJ, PAVILION DV6-7010EO, PAVILION DV6-7010SS, PAVILION DV6-7010TX, PAVILION DV6-7010US, PAVILION DV6-7011EO, PAVILION DV6-7011TX, PAVILION DV6-7012TX, PAVILION DV6-7013CL, PAVILION DV6-7013TX, PAVILION DV6-7014NR, PAVILION DV6-7014TX, PAVILION DV6-7015CA, PAVILION DV6-7017TX, PAVILION DV6-7018TX, PAVILION DV6-7019TX, PAVILION DV6-7020SG, PAVILION DV6-7020TX, PAVILION DV6-7020US, PAVILION DV6-7022EO, PAVILION DV6-7022TX, PAVILION DV6-7023TX, PAVILION DV6-7024EO, PAVILION DV6-7024NR, PAVILION DV6-7024TX, PAVILION DV6-7025TX, PAVILION DV6-7026TX, PAVILION DV6-7027NR, PAVILION DV6-7027TX, PAVILION DV6-7028TX, PAVILION DV6-7029TX, PAVILION DV6-7029WM, PAVILION DV6-7030EE, PAVILION DV6-7030EI, PAVILION DV6-7030EO, PAVILION DV6-7030EZ, PAVILION DV6-7030SE, PAVILION DV6-7030SZ, PAVILION DV6-7030TX, PAVILION DV6-7031TX, PAVILION DV6-7032TX, PAVILION DV6-7033TX, PAVILION DV6-7034TX, PAVILION DV6-7035TX, PAVILION DV6-7036TX, PAVILION DV6-7037TX, PAVILION DV6-7038TX, PAVILION DV6-7039TX, PAVILION DV6-7040SB, PAVILION DV6-7040TX, PAVILION DV6-7041TX, PAVILION DV6-7042TX, PAVILION DV6-7043CL, PAVILION DV6-7043TX, PAVILION DV6-7044TX, PAVILION DV6-7045EZ, PAVILION DV6-7045SZ, PAVILION DV6-7045TX, PAVILION DV6-7046TX, PAVILION DV6-7050CA, PAVILION DV6-7050EA, PAVILION DV6-7050EB, PAVILION DV6-7050EI, PAVILION DV6-7050ER, PAVILION DV6-7050EZ, PAVILION DV6-7050SB, PAVILION DV6-7050SR, PAVILION DV6-7050SW, PAVILION DV6-7051EA, PAVILION DV6-7051ER, PAVILION DV6-7051SA, PAVILION DV6-7051SR, PAVILION DV6-7051XX, PAVILION DV6-7052ER, PAVILION DV6-7052SR, PAVILION DV6-7053EA, PAVILION DV6-7053ER, PAVILION DV6-7054ER, PAVILION DV6-7055ER, PAVILION DV6-7055SR, PAVILION DV6-7056ER, PAVILION DV6-7057ER, PAVILION DV6-7057SR, PAVILION DV6-7058ER, PAVILION DV6-7060EF, PAVILION DV6-7060ER, PAVILION DV6-7060SF, PAVILION DV6-7060SW, PAVILION DV6-7060SX, PAVILION DV6-7061SA, PAVILION DV6-7062SF, PAVILION DV6-7063EA, PAVILION DV6-7063SA, PAVILION DV6-7070EE, PAVILION DV6-7070EF, PAVILION DV6-7070EL, PAVILION DV6-7070EW, PAVILION DV6-7070EX, PAVILION DV6-7070SE, PAVILION DV6-7070SF, PAVILION DV6-7070SW, PAVILION DV6-7071SF, PAVILION DV6-7073CA, PAVILION DV6-7075EO, PAVILION DV6-7077EO, PAVILION DV6-7078CA, PAVILION DV6-7080EB, PAVILION DV6-7080EE, PAVILION DV6-7080EX, PAVILION DV6-7080SE, PAVILION DV6-7081EG, PAVILION DV6-7082EG, PAVILION DV6-7084LA, PAVILION DV6-7086LA, PAVILION DV6-7090EF, PAVILION DV6-7090EL, PAVILION DV6-7090SF, PAVILION DV6-7093EO, PAVILION DV6-7095CA, PAVILION DV6-7096EO, PAVILION DV6-7097EO, PAVILION DV6-7099EL, PAVILION DV6-7099EO, PAVILION DV6T-8000 CTO, PAVILION DV6Z-7000 CTO, PAVILION DV7-7000EE, PAVILION DV7-7000EM, PAVILION DV7-7000EO, PAVILION DV7-7000ER, PAVILION DV7-7000EV, PAVILION DV7-7000EX, PAVILION DV7-7000SE, PAVILION DV7-7000SM, PAVILION DV7-7000SX, PAVILION DV7-7001EG, PAVILION DV7-7001EM, PAVILION DV7-7001ER, PAVILION DV7-7001ET, PAVILION DV7-7001EV, PAVILION DV7-7001SG, PAVILION DV7-7001SM, PAVILION DV7-7001SQ, PAVILION DV7-7001SR, PAVILION DV7-7001ST, PAVILION DV7-7002ED, PAVILION DV7-7002EG, PAVILION DV7-7002EL, PAVILION DV7-7002ER, PAVILION DV7-7002SP, PAVILION DV7-7002SR, PAVILION DV7-7003, PAVILION DV7-7003EO, PAVILION DV7-7003EP, PAVILION DV7-7003ER, PAVILION DV7-7003ES, PAVILION DV7-7003SP, PAVILION DV7-7003SS, PAVILION DV7-7003TX, PAVILION DV7-7003XX, PAVILION DV7-7004ER, PAVILION 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Series, Pavilion dv7-7000sg, Pavilion dv7-7099 Series, Pavilion m6 Series, Pavilion m6-1050sg, dv4-5000, dv4-5099, dv6-7000, dv6-7099, dv6-8000, dv6-8099, dv7-7000, dv7-7099

Payment policy:
We accept PayPal only,so please be sure if you or the one you know can pay via PayPal before bidding.

Shipping policy:
1.We can ship Hp 6 Cell Battery to France, United State, Australia, Germany, Canada, Ireland, Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Portugal, Norway, Belarus, Singapore, Thailand.
2. The Hp 6 Cell Battery delivery time is about 6-9 business days to France and other Europe countries, 7-12 business days to Australia and USA, 10-15 business days to other countries, exact delivery time depends on postal process(The packet may be will delay for several days in busy season, please wait for it patiently).

Return policy & Feedback:
1.Hp 6 Cell Battery can be returned if it is misrepresented or it is flawed,please send back the Hp 6 Cell Battery with original packing to us within 30 days for an exchange or a refund.
2.We provide 12 months long warranty. (Attention: If your Hp 6 Cell Battery sent back for repair, refund or replacement, we don't bare the shipping that your part cost.)
3.As a responsible seller, we will try our best to solve every problem. Please communicate with us before you are going to leave us a neutral / negative feedback.

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